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  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Thorough and personalized eye care for each of our patients needs and wants.

  • Optomap Retinal Imaging

    Learn more about this innovative machine used to check and diagnose retina conditions.

  • Dry Eye Syndrome

    Thinking you might have dry eyes? Click here to find out more about common symptoms and possible treatments to help with your concerns.

  • Contact Lenses

    If you're new to contacts or just looking to upgrade your prescription, Yorkville Eye Care offers Contact Lens Fittings to find the perfect vision and comfort for you in your daily life.

  • Eye Infections & Diseases

    Learn more about common eye infections and diseases.

  • Surgical Co-Management and Emergency Care

    Ever thought about getting Lasik but don't know where to start? Our optometrists can offer consultations to see if you would be fit for any laser eye surgery. Yorkville Eye Care also offers walk-in appointments if you are experiencing sudden symptoms of discomfort.