Yorkville Eyecare’s optometrists are passionate about ocular health. Extensively trained, they are highly experienced and dedicated to the practice of eye care service. Conveniently located at 50 Bloor Street West, our Yorkville vision clinic provides cutting-edge technology and products to give you perfect visual acuity and a comfortable exam experience.

We offer comprehensive eye examinations that test vision as well as screen for common eye conditions and diseases. Find the perfect pair of glasses or the right contact lenses for you. Beyond eyesight, we test for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, high blood pressure or cholesterol, and other health conditions. Early detection is important for effective treatment and prevention of vision loss.

Come by our downtown Toronto eye care office for your next eye exam. We look forward to serving you and your ocular needs.

Take a look at what our patients are saying:

“I had a very pleasant visit with the Doctor of Optometry yesterday, Receptionists were welcoming, helpful and friendly. I found the doctor to be knowledgeable, easy to talk to and answered questions and concerns respectfully and patiently. I will definitely be returning. Thank you.”

“I had a great experience with Dr. Sara Samii and her staff. They were pleasant and upfront about everything. The attention to detail and the passion they put into doing their work, made me feel comfortable and like they knew what they were doing. Eyes are not something to joke with. Thank-you!”

“Great experience. I will make this my permanent optometrist office”

“This appointment was amazing. They sqeeezed me in last minute. I will be back in.”

“As always, it’s a pleasure to have eye tests done. Everyone is so nice and polite. The doctor is very thorough and easy to communicate with. I really like this office.”

“Very thorough with the exam, and always provides me with the means to improve my eyesight and maintain my eye health, particularly during allergy season. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Had an awesome experience as always!”

“Dr Sammi is great! She obviously cares about her patients very much. Her Staff is also very friendly and knowledgable. I definitely recommend, especially if you have concerns such as diabetes and other health issues as she is very knowledgable and can offer great eye care advice to help. It’s obvious that she takes great pride in her practice!”

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