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Contact Lenses

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Whether you are a contact lens veteran or want to give them a try for the first time, our eye care staff will work with you to find the right contact lenses for your lifestyle. We make sure you don’t just have the correct prescription but also the perfect fit.

Our clinic offers the latest technology in contacts and quality name brands at an affordable price. We take pride in ensuring your lenses are comfortable and crystal clear.

If you have never worn contacts before, our staff at Yorkville Eye Care can show you the proper way to wear and care for them, how to safely put them in, remove them, and care for them to prolong their life and protect your eyes.


Our optometrists are experts at fitting you with the right contacts. We factor in details such as astigmatism and intended use – such as all-day everyday wear or alternating with glasses – along with other important considerations when determining the ideal contact lenses for each individual patient. You may need them only for playing sports, or are particularly interested in the ease of disposable contact lenses, or maybe you have a desire to change your eye colour. During consultation, share with us your reasons for wearing contacts so we can suggest the type best suited for you. Once the correct lenses are ascertained, we provide you with a trial pair for you to make sure that they are comfortable. Depending on your trial experience, we will either order you a supply or offer a different type to try. We aim for complete patient satisfaction.

Contact Lens Modalities available at Yorkville Eye Care:

  • Daily, Bi-weekly, Monthly or Conventional lenses
  • Sphere, Astigatism, Mono-vision, Multi-focal
  • Coloured lenses